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Calories burned for Chi Machine

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The mobility produced by this alternate motion LOOSENS and Realigns the spinal column and brings the body’s energy into BALANCE. The Chi Machine increases circulation and pumps the blood faster through the body than the heart does. Therefore it is a great cardiovascular workout because the heart works to keep up. Just 5 minutes on the Chi Machine is the equivalent to walking one and half miles at a brisk pace. It is aerobic exercise, but defined as passive aerobic because the user is not moving while the machine does all the work.

Hundreds of calories are burned during a Chi session which would explain why so many report losing weight effortlessly. Simultaneously, the body is brought to a state of complete relaxation so all stress is relieved from the body and all tissues.

After one has used it for some period of time, some forget that 15 minutes of swinging equals 10,000 steps and wonder why they don’t feel tired. One forgets because you lie down during the exercise and you experience no pressure, your body has total support and you feel relaxed. You will feel so at ease and so comfortable. In addition, this is an aerobic exercise performed without getting tired. It is not anaerobic exercise that pushes you beyond your capacity. Keep using it and you will be repaid with good health. Because the blood is circulated so rapidly the lymphatic system is purged of all the toxins that normally get caught up in the lymph nodes. You can detoxify your entire system in a few short sessions. These toxins are flushed out through the kidneys and bladder. Water you drink before and after each session acts as a precursor of the impurities and carries them away out of your body.

Reports are so numerous regarding relief from chronic pain such as Back and Leg Pain, Sciatica, ” Brain Fog “, Diabetes symptoms associated with poor circulation, Cancer,M.S. and M.D., even Alzhiemer’s. Children gain relief from ADD and ADHD because the Chi exercise balances the entire Autonomic Nervous System thereby balancing brain activity.

This form of aerobic exercise is important to the heart as well but requires no strenuous workouts. JUST LAY DOWN RELAX and let the Chi Machine do all the work. It will make you feel great. YOU WILL FEEL THE CHI ENERGY!!!!!!

For more info. Google it or go to    http://chi-machines.com/sideways.html

Calories burnt depends on your weight. Numbers were required. The average is 300-400 


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Chi Machine burns
1091 calories per hour
Assuming weight of 154 lbs or 70 kg
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Written by: deborah

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